ALPHA Design Brief

To ensure we provide you with a precise estimate tailored to your needs, please take a moment to complete our comprehensive design brief. This detailed information will be pivotal in crafting your envisioned project should we collaborate.

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If you don’t have time to complete this comprehensive version of the design brief at this time, you can complete our short form of the design brief.  We’ll still need all these details at some point but this will help you to get the ball rolling.

There is no charge to get an estimate. Should your project necessitate a deeper exploration, our team will reach out to discuss further details with you. 

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Design Brief - Long

Client Information

Tell us a bit about you

General Project Information

Some information about your project

e.g. "I want to keep up with the trends" or "People keep asking how they can find me online".

Organizations need websites for various reasons: validation, a landing/contact page, product/service information, lead generation, and e-commerce.

eg: "I want my potential customers to complete my questionnaire and contact me", "I want regular customers to start buying my new products", or "I want people to get informed about how I work before they come to my course".
eg: "Our current site isn’t functional with some browsers and we will keep losing clients" or "We want to sell online but our current site does not permit it. We wouldn't be able to sell online".
Please do not supply any login credentials at this time.
Our estimates are not based on your ability to pay or the size of your budget. Our estimates are based on how much time it will take to actually create a website that meets your needs and expectations. Knowing your budget provides us some insight into your expectations and how detailed the site design and function can be.

Customers and Competition

Help us understand your customers and competition

eg: "My clients are busy people living in the city and my online grocery store is helping them save time so they can focus on other things in their lives"
Pay special attention to their income, interests, gender, age and even the type of computer or phone they use. If your website will have B2B component, what sort of companies/contractors are you hoping to attract? Eg: My ideal customer is Peter. He is a condo owner in Nanaimo and had a real hard time last summer during the heat wave. Peter is always on his iPhone, spends a lot of time on Instagram and likes to listen to technology podcasts.
If yes, please elaborate
Please specify particular areas, cities, provinces/states, countries, or worldwide.


Let's discuss the content of your new website

eg: Home page, services, about, contact, etc.


Let's talk about the assets we need for the new website

If yes, please include it
eg: Booking calendar, social media plugins, live chat, etc.
eg: Customer testimonials, business credentials, earned media, celebrity endorsements, expert's stamp of approval, etc..


What's the strategy for the new website?

E-Commerce Site Specific Info

Let's get some information specific to e-commerce websites.

If yes, how many and where are they located?
What types of products do you sell?
eg: 30-day money back guarantee, Canadian-made, etc.
If you have product variants (eg: colours, sizes, price range, etc), please briefly describe
eg: minimum purchase, restricted items, hazardous materials, etc)
eg: Specifically what locations will you ship to?
If applicable, please specific which POS and third-party suppliers your store has to sync with
eg: stock count, discounts/percentage off, swatches, etc
eg: notifications, icons per individual products or categories? ie: no free shipping, etc.

Website Site Specific Info

Let's get some information specific to your website.

eg: contact form, job application, etc.
eg: Zoho, CRM, MailChimp, etc.. Please be specific.

Enough about us - let’s talk about you!

We want to hear about your business! Our experienced team is ready to take your online presence to the next level. Whether you need a brand new website or want to enhance your current one, we’re here to help. Let’s work together to bring your vision to life and make your business shine online!